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Slide revamp by EmilandDC

This developing story about NSA data-gathering and the guy who leaked the info is sort of fascinating me. But I also couldn’t help but notice that the leaked Powerpoint slides…well, they’re hideous. It’s nice to know that the NSA produces ugly, cluttered and rather ineffective charts just like my own agency sometimes does. Anyway, someone else thought they were ugly too, so they redesigned them!

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Google Reader is going away on July 1. They announced this several months ago, of course, but I’ve been living in denial since then. But now that its demise is imminent, I guess it’s time to switch. I’m trying out Feedly for now and it seems ok. I suppose I’ll get used to it with time. Sniffle.

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I read an article back in March that basically says people who are bad at their jobs are also happier in their jobs. That in itself is rather depressing but I totally believe it’s true based on my own observations after 10+ years in the workforce. As a corollary, I think people who are able to “leave work at work” are happier in their jobs as well. And those two things seem to be becoming tied together — being available at any hour seems to imply in many cases that you are a more dedicated and higher-performing employee, whereas doing something like ignoring email after hours is starting to imply that you’re not as good. I don’t have a grand point to make here…but I think it’s interesting.

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Fun with a bin of bibs

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I read West Elm’s blog from time to time, and last week they posted about their summer catalog shoot in Stiltsville in Biscayne Bay near Miami. I think this place is so cool! I remember seeing houses out in the water off Key Biscayne when we were in Miami a few years ago for my brother’s wedding, but I never figured out why there were houses in the bay, or who owned them. Turns out they were built in the 30s to avoid Prohibition and do some offshore gambling, and now belong to the National Park Service. It doesn’t sound like they’re really open to the public these days, but man, that would be SUCH a cool place to vacation!


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