39 Weeks with #2

Well then. Today I’m 39 weeks pregnant. Since I went into labor with Emma at 38 weeks and 5 days, this is officially the most pregnant I have ever been.

Size of the Baby: Around 7 pounds and 20 inches. Emma was 6 lb 5 oz at birth and since I’m going longer this time, I’m assuming this little girl will be bigger.

Weight gain/loss: 28 pounds as of yesterday morning.

Maternity clothes: Half of my shirts aren’t really long enough to cover my elastic waistbands anymore. Boo.

Sleep: After enjoying several weeks there of fairly solid sleep, this week hasn’t been the greatest. Some nights I now wake up twice to use the bathroom, and in general I just wake up a lot with an aching hip or for who knows what reason. On the positive side, I have been going to bed earlier so overall I’m doing ok.

Movement: She still wiggles around in there. It’s slower and less jerky but also stronger. Sometimes when she stretches, I feel like my skin can’t possibly expand any more than it already has.

Food cravings: Eating has been hit-or-miss. I get hungry, but a full meal also just makes me feel uncomfortable. I’m not craving anything in particular though.

Best moment this week? Having my mom here! And going over to Jen and Gavin’s last Sunday evening for swimming and pizza — it was super relaxing and we all loved hanging out in their pool.

What I miss: Just feeling normal, I guess. There has been a sharp and definite increase in my level of discomfort over the last 3-4 days, particularly in the afternoons and evenings. Towards the end of the day, I start having what I suppose are Braxton Hicks contractions — not distinct enough to really quantify, but more of a general feeling of tightness and squeezing that is just uncomfortable. Sitting or lying down always helps. (I didn’t have those with Emma.) On Tuesday night I started to wonder if perhaps labor was imminent…but then I went to bed and woke up still pregnant on Wednesday. (And yesterday. And today.)

What I’m looking forward to: Getting this baby out safe and sound! And hopefully soon??

Milestones: I had my weekly doctor’s appointment yesterday and nothing is happening — I’ve been 3 cm dilated for 3.5 weeks now. With Emma, I naively thought I’d make it to my due date. This time, I naively thought she would arrive at the same relative time as (or earlier than) Emma. Dumb, right? But I did, and thus the waiting game is seriously starting to get to me. Yesterday I ended up in tears over what really was a relatively minor frustration. Sigh.

We did talk about inductions. I don’t really want to be induced…but I also don’t want to wait and wait and wait, so we agreed to schedule one for the week of September 7. That Monday is Labor Day, so the earliest it can possibly be is Tuesday the 8th. (I’d be 4 days overdue by that point.) I’ll find out the exact date next week.

Emma-isms (#11)


In swimming lessons, one of the exercises is “find me,” where the instructor dunks the kid underwater facing away from her, and they have to turn around in the water an “find” her again. Emma asked to do it several times one day, so after class as we were driving home, I asked her about it.

Me: “Do you like the find me game?”
Emma: “I like…the lollipop game.”

Emma: “Oh, where did my ball go?”
Me: “I don’t know — you’ll have to look for it.”
Emma: “Where are you, little buddy?”

Emma: “After I finish this ice cream, I want more ice cream, ok?”

Emma: “What’s that?”
Me: “That’s a brain. Everyone has a brain inside their head. Do you think you have a brain?”
Emma: “Yes. And when I was a little baby, my brains came out of my head.”
Me: “…”

Emma: “Let it gooo, let it gooo, turn away and slam the door…
Emma: “When she slams the door, she might hurt her thumb.”

Already correcting my grammar, apparently:

Me: “Oh man Emma, your books are spilling all over the floor of the car back here.”
Emma: “No, they are not spilling. MILK is spilling.”
Me: “Ok, they are FALLING onto the floor.”
Emma: “Yeah, falling.”

Emma is walking in rapid circles around the kitchen island for no apparent reason.

Jose: “Emma what are you doing?”
Emma: “Just walking around, Mama.”

Definitely true. (But also definitely not Mama who asked the question!)

Me (reading The Very Hungry Caterpillar): “He built a small house called a cocoon…”
Emma: “No, it’s not a cocoon!”
Me: “It’s not?”
Emma: “No. It’s a CHRYSALIS.”

Well, I can’t argue with that. (Thank you daycare and the lesson you did on butterflies back in the spring.)

Other Emma-isms here.

Modern Quilt Guild Riley Blake Fabric Challenge

I mentioned in my July goal update that I did indeed finish and submit something for the Modern Quilt Guild’s Riley Blake fabric challenge but I’ve been delaying sharing it here because to be honest, I’m not really in love with what I made — a cathedral window pillowcase.


The 6 fat eighths from Riley Blake’s Cottage Garden collection were provided by the MQG and they sat on my sewing table for months as I debated what to make. The guidelines for the challenge said to 1) make something quilted, 2) make something you’ve never done before and 3) challenge yourself to learn something new. I remember admiring some cathedral window quilts back when I first started quilting several years ago but have never done one myself or learned the technique, so even though I toyed around with other ideas, I kept coming back to this one.


I used this tutorial from Moda Bake Shop, which was excellent. I changed the dimensions to make each of my windows slightly larger to allow a good peek at the large flowers and medallions on the fabric.

In retrospect, I think these fabrics, while lovely, did not actually lend themselves very well to this technique — and I didn’t realize this until it was too late. A different pattern featuring larger pieces probably would have worked better with this particular collection, since four of the six prints were large-scale. (The small fat eighth cut provided didn’t do me any favors either, since that size didn’t provide a lot of leeway for the kind of fussy-cutting I wanted to do.)


The technique itself wasn’t too difficult to pull off after studying the tutorial. The only part that turned out pretty wonky was the center “joint” between petals, where you can clearly see the raw corners of my underlying background squares. I’m not sure how to fix this. Perhaps I shouldn’t have flipped the petal seams quite as much on these corners?


Overall, I just feel a little “blah” about the finished pillowcase. I suspect the biggest factor in this is that I sewed it in a single afternoon — and it shows. It’s wrinkly and a bit uneven in parts, and that bugs me. Still, the cathedral window technique proved easier than expected and it was definitely a good experience to try once to understand how they are put together. I’ll certainly be less intimidated if I give it another go in the future, and will know better what type of things — print and color choice, allow time for careful sewing — to keep in mind the next time around.

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