December Quilt Pattern: Quarter Moon


Here’s the 5th of 6 quilt patterns I plan to write and publish between August and February! (Read more about this personal project.)


This month’s pattern is called Quarter Moon. It was inspired by a pattern on a matchbook (yes really, a matchbook) that reminded me of the moon. When the moon is half full, as it looks here, it’s actually called either a “first quarter” or “third quarter” moon since we see it as half full at those points in its monthly cycle. Hence the name: quarter moon!

There’s only one block to learn here — a half square triangle unit combined with a drunkard’s path motif. Like last time, I made a test block but did not actually make a full quilt so again: while I did my best to make it accurate, the pattern has not been fully tested.


The blocks finish at 8″ square and the finished quilt is 48″ x 64″ which would be a great size for a crib or throw quilt. By adding blocks, you could easily size this up to fit a bed or down to make a small baby quilt. Download the pattern for free right here:

> December POTM – Quarter Moon – Saroy <

p.s. The pattern is also available — still free — in my Craftsy shop.



Dressing // Charlotte in onesie pajamas, because it’s finally cool enough outside — or at least it was earlier in the week — to wear them. I forgot how adorable babies in onesie jammies are!

Wanting // To make all the things, as usual. My latest temptation is the just-announced Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery 2016 sampler — they’re doing an adventure/world travel. I’m so tempted to join in (I did their Once Upon a Time sampler in 2014 but skipped the storybook theme this year) but I already know I want to make Charlotte a cross-stitched stocking in 2016 and adding a monthly sampler would be a LOT of stitching. Still…maybe…? (Ha.)


Eating // Delicious leftovers from the Thanksgiving feast yesterday. There was seriously SO MUCH good food. My contributions were sweet potatoes with honey and cinnamon, broccoli salad/slaw, and a couple bottles of wine.

Wearing // New sports bras. I mentioned needing some last month and ended up trying two — this Champion one just based on the look and description, and a Moving Comfort Fiona bra on the recommendation of a friend. The Champion one is ok, but I really love the Fiona bra and quickly ordered two more. Goodbye old worn out compression sports bras!

Getting // Out the Christmas decorations this weekend! Yay!

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving! This year I’m extra thankful for the arrival of my baby girl, and for our newfound foursome. Jose, Emma and Charlotte are the best little family I could ask for and I love them all to pieces.


For only the second time in the nearly 10 years I’ve been with Jose, we are at home today instead of in Corpus Christi. (The first was in 2008 when we were both working a shuttle mission over the holiday.) We hemmed and hawed for a while about whether to go. It would be great to spend the day with Jose’s family of course…but we have a small baby, and packing for her requires a ton of stuff, and it’s a long drive, and the car is #1 on Charlotte’s list of favorite places to cry. On top of that, it’s my last weekend before going back to work and I really just wanted to relax instead of deal with travel and traffic and upset baby schedules. And on top of that, Jose’s mom is flying here on Sunday to stay for a week so we knew we’d be seeing her already.

So we are here! I’m looking forward to a chill morning at home making sweet potatoes and broccoli salad, and then going over to our friends’ house this afternoon for lots of kid craziness and a delicious Thanksgiving meal.

I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday!

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