22 Weeks

This photo has nothing to do with being pregnant. I just wanted to show a photo of the blueberry pie I made last night, which I forgot to take until it was almost all gone. (Full disclosure: I did not make the pie crust that the recipe calls for. I just used a frozen crust!) It turned out quite tasty and I would definitely make it again…except this is the problem with Pinterest. Whenever I have the opportunity to make something for a group, I always want to try something new! So it’s rare that I ever make a recipe a second time — at least where dessert recipes are involved.

But on to the weekly pregnancy update. I’m 22 weeks today!

Size of the Baby: Almost a foot long and almost a whole pound! Monster baby!

Weight gain/loss: 14-15 pounds. At 1 pound/week from now on, that would put me in the low 30s for total weight gain. That doesn’t sound too bad, so I hope I can stay on track. I know some of that will be out of my control if I start retaining water or any of that fun stuff.

Maternity clothes: I mentioned yesterday that I had success finding shorts and capris to take to Hawaii, and I have 2 other pairs of shorts coming from Gap that will hopefully work. In addition to vacation, I’m hoping those (plus several skirts) should cover me for a good portion of the summer! I also tried on my tankini swimsuits and was happy to see that they fit well enough to take on vacation. (Although if we end up at the beach or at a pool in June or July though, I may be in trouble.)

I also ordered a pair of maternity compression leggings online. I wasn’t very excited about this, but my doctor recommended getting compression hose of some kind for our upcoming plane flight — and since my doctor tends to be pretty chill and non-alarmist, I decided I would take her advice. I decided to go for leggings instead of hose though, in hopes that leggings will be a little more acceptable in the “not looking stupid” department.

Sleep: Bah. I seem to have reverted to wake-up-several-times-a-night mode. I always seem to wake up in the middle of a dream, which is kind of entertaining but also leaves me feeling really groggy. This is my only real pregnancy complaint so far: the decline in the quality of my sleep. I suppose I should just accept it.

Movement: I feel movement basically every day now. If I’ve been active doing something and then sit down for a few minutes, I’m almost guaranteed for feel something. If anything, I’m now feeling her so often that I sometimes think “well maybe those ARE muscle twitches after all, because man she is moving a LOT!” Jose was able to feel her again from the outside once or twice over the past week.

Food cravings: Still nothing, really. I’m thirsty a lot, is that a craving? I’m disappointed that I haven’t been able to send Jose out for ice cream at midnight yet. Ha.

Best moment this week? Sharing the news that we’re having a baby GIRL. I am super excited. I also had fun walking the Yuri’s Night 5K. If I’m not running, it was nice to still be participating in a race.

What I miss: Nothing this week. Pregnancy has been pretty easy so far, and I’m hopeful that things will stay that way.

What I’m looking forward to: This weekend we’re going to a 1st birthday party for the daughter of Jose’s friend Meryl. We haven’t seen them since before little Clara was born because they live soooo far away (in The Woodlands, ha), so that will be fun.

Milestones: Baby’s eyes are developed but they lack pigment. Weird! And she can hear me now. I hope she likes my singing voice, because I sing in the car a lot. Other than that, there’s not much going on. All the websites have a laundry list of symptoms I might be feeling but I really don’t have any complaints — and don’t have most of those symptoms. I haven’t noticed thicker hair, or stronger fingernails, or different skin, or — thank goodness — larger feet. We’ll see if any of those show up in the third trimester.

I checked 2 baby-related things off the list in the last week — preregistering for the hospital stay and signing up for baby classes. They request that you preregister 4 months ahead of time, and that meant by April 14! Crazy to think there are only 4 months left before our little girl arrives. They recommended that we sign up for baby classes early too if we wanted to make sure we got the day we wanted, so I did that too. The 6-week session starts in June.

Here’s a 22 week bump photo. I felt like I was looking particularly bump-ish today in a form-fitting shirt so I decided it was photo-worthy. (I should mention that I AM taking photos at home, i.e. not in the work bathroom. But it’s just so easy to shoot a quick iPhone shot…)

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